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Tea Jewellerys

Our tea jewelry tree are made of high quality green Sencha tea and colorful flowers such as rose, jasmine, marigold. Additionally refined with a citrus/mango aroma, but provided without any binding agents or additives.

The preparation

The high quality tea material is softened by means of steam and then pressed into the artistic shapes. Finally, the coloured flowers matching the tea jewellery are draped by hand on the surface. Each piece of tea jewellery is unique and something very special due to the craftsmanship.





The experience

The tea jewellery, a combination of fine tea leaves and aromatic colourful flowers, combines optical elegance with tasteful class. The forms disintegrate into loose tea during the brewing process and unfold their fine aroma.

The pieces of jewellery consist of purely natural components, green tea and real leaves. Each piece of tea jewellery is individually vacuum-welded and thus has a long shelf life, high quality and freshness.








During the brewing process, the moulds disintegrate into loose tea and develop their fine aroma.

The tea jewellery comes in a noble heart-wood box. It is decorative and versatile and thus makes the whole product a very good gift for occasions such as Christmas, Mother's Day, birthday or many more...




The preparation


Step 1:  Bring water to the boil and immediately pour into a cup. Please note: Here the use of very hot water is necessary to ensure an optimal disintegration of the tea jewelry.

Step 2:  Carefully add the tea jewellery to the water.

Step 3:  Please note the recommended drawing time of 6-8 minutes.






  • Tea jewellery consists of purely natural components (green tea and real flowers)
  • Each piece of tea jewellery is individually vacuum-welded to ensure a long shelf life and high quality in freshness and taste
  • The tea jewellery disintegrates during the brewing process
  • noble wooden box, decorative and versatile
  • Also ideal as a gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthday or many other occasions



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