Creano set of 2 tea glasses “All-in-One”, 3 pcs. | 400ml, 2x with stainless steel filter

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  • The tea glass with handle functions cleanly and well, without dripping! The stainless steel sieve holds back even the smallest tea particles, never again tea set in the glass!!!
  • The lid included in the XXL glass set can also serve as a saucer for the tea strainer
  • The high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass is robust, scratch-resistant and suitable for microwave and dishwasher use
  • The all-in-one tea glass is made for the enjoyment of high-quality tea of all kinds such as loose tea, fruit tea, green tea, black tea and tea bags. The capacity of the all-round glass is 400ml
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The Creano Tea Glass “all-in-one” with
Stainless steel filter

The “all-in-one” tea glass with integrated stainless steel filter and
Glass lid: practical, fast and clean, without dripping – the
are the versatile attributes of the Creano tea glass “all-in-one”.

For the production we only use high quality
heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

  • tea cup with strainer, handmade
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Practical for the preparation of
    loose tea
  • capacity of the XXL tea glass:
  • Also suitable for dishwasher and

The handling

After the tea has brewed, place the filter directly into the
the glass lid upside down.

The content

2 x Creano tea glasses “all in one” (approx. 400ml capacity)

2 x stainless steel filter

2 x glass lids