Thermo Teamaker with felt bag | 400ml, 1x green

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  • The Thermo Teamaker is made of high quality clear borosilicate glass. This is absolutely tasteless and extremely heat resistant. Thanks to the double wall glazing and especially in combination with the felt bag, your hot drinks stay warm longer and cold drinks stay cold longer.
  • Tea and Coffee to go! Whether at work, at school or university, during sports or on a trip to the countryside, your favourite cold or hot drink can easily be taken along with the thermo bottle and stays hot or cold for much longer!
  • The Creano drinking bottle offers you numerous application possibilities: Whether as a classic tea maker in which you pour your tea as loose tea leaves through the integrated stainless steel filter or use a tea bag or the freshly brewed coffee on the way to the office. But you can also enjoy cold drinks such as spritzers, juices, smoothies or iced tea on the way.
  • The stylish felt bag is an absolute eye-catcher and has the potential to become the new star in the office, fitness studio etc.. In addition to its pleasant haptic properties, it offers effective insulation for your hot & cold drinks!
  • 100% leak-proof, glass body and sieve are dishwasher safe. The lid is to be cleaned by hand with hot water, detergent & a sponge.





The Thermo-Teamaker is a premium product
highest quality.
In this product we have used our many years of know-how of the
development of tea makers and only to use the
high quality materials.
In detail, the double-walled Thermo-Teamaker has the following features
a manually removable stainless steel sieve, which can be used for the
preparation of all kinds of teas.
Due to its fine-pored sieve, even the smallest tea particles can be
filtered and keep the container free from unpleasant
Tea leaf residue. The glass and the sieve are also
dishwasher to clean.

The special characteristics of the
double-walled borosilicate glass:

We use a reinforced glass bottom, so that the
Teamaker withstands even stronger shocks in everyday use.
The teamaker is used with closed bottom (without blowhole).
so that a later water ingress and defect in the
of the dishwasher can be excluded.

Double thermal effect:

The Thermo-Teamaker has a double thermo effect.
The combination of insulating double-walled glass and
high quality felt bag
guarantee a long-lasting thermal effect, so that the
the tea stays hot for 2 hours. Cold drinks stay cold.
up to 4 hours cold.
In addition, the design bag provides additional protection against shocks in the
daily use and prevents breakage.
The high-quality processed lid with stainless steel cap
makes the teamaker 100% leakproof and leak-proof and
qualifies him for the popular To-Go use for
on the way.

The gift box

The extremely high quality round gift box makes the
Teemaker to an ideal gift

The content

1x double-walled Thermo Teamaker with stainless steel sieve &

1x green felt bag with zipper & carrying strap

1x high-quality round gift box