AbloomTea in noble magnetic box with silver embossing | 6x “White Tea” & “Black Tea”

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  • tea flowers set with 6 different tea roses - 3x white tea & 3x black tea
  • Each Blooming Tea blossom can be infused up to 3 times - and thus produces approx. 1.5l tea for true connoisseurs
  • The tea is sweetly complemented by for example marigolds, jasmine blossoms, rose petals
  • The stylish tea box can also be used afterwards as a decorative item or can easily be refilled with a AbloomTea refill set. The elegant box is ideal as a gift for any occasion, e.g. Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday etc.






The experience

The AbloomTea offers the connoisseur an extraordinary
Experience: Inside the sphere there is an elaborate
bound exotic flower. But the ball unfolds its secret
only when it is placed in a vessel with boiling hot water.
It begins to open slowly and at the end of the
the embedded blossom, which is rich in forms and shapes.
and rises out of her with colourful splendour.

Almost all of this tea is handmade. Only a few so-called
Master binderesses are reserved the right to use the dried leaves of the
to bind white teas to a spherical shape, because the knowledge of this
rare art is strictly guarded. Thus the AbloomTea remains a
valuable rarity of China.

The preparation

Step 1: Water
bring to the boil and put into a glass carafe immediately. Please
note: In contrast to the green tea preparation here the
Use of boiling hot water necessary to make a
to ensure optimal opening of the AbloomTea balls.

Step 2: AbloomTea ball
carefully into the water and marvel…

Step 3: Please
observe the recommended drawing time. There are 2-3
Infusions are possible, which vary in their intensity of taste.
will be.

The varieties / Variations

White affair (white tea with jasmine blossom string)

Solstice (White tea with marigolds)

Juweltröpfchen (White tea with rose blossoms and jasmine)

Red Affair (Silver Needle with Rose & Jasmine Flowers)

Purple Shine (Silver Needle with flowers of marigold &

Volcanic whisper (Silver Needle with flowers of the Rose &

The Creano Magnetic box

The 6 AbloomTea balls in 6 different variations are
in a noble matt black with a silver embossed print
magnetic box, which will enhance the tea experience from the
something very special at first. The
high quality workmanship and stability also guaranTeas
the use according to the consumption of the tea and can be adjusted according to the
If desired with refill packs of AbloomTea balls
can be refilled. Decorative use is also possible.

The content

6 Creano AbloomTea balls each 3x white & black tea in 6
different variations

1x elegant Creano AbloomTea magnetic box