AbloomTea in noble magnetic box with silver embossing | 6x “Black Tea”

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  • tea flowers set with 6 tea roses (black tea) in magnetic gift box
  • Each Blooming Tea blossom is hand bound and makes a tea for true connoisseurs
  • The black tea is sweetly complemented by for example marigolds, jasmine blossoms, roses.
  • The stylish tea box can also be used afterwards as a decorative item or can be easily refilled with a AbloomTea refill set
  • The noble box is ideal as a gift for any occasion, e.g. Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday etc.





Fascination “AbloomTea”

The AbloomTea from Creano offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: Inside the ball is an artfully integrated exotic flower. However, the ball only unfolds its secret when it is placed in a container with boiling hot water. It begins to open slowly and, at the end of the infusion production, produces the embedded flower, which rises out of it rich in form and colour.

The coveted “first picking” of black tea is the highest quality harvest of the year. It takes place at the beginning of spring and is particularly good in quality and taste.

The taste experience

The taste of this black tea is unusually sweet and mild. It tolerates exceptionally long brewing times without embittering and convinces with its full-bodied aromatic taste. The flowers of the AbloomTea, artfully incorporated in different ways, give the tea an additional individual flavour.