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2x pack of 36 – AbloomTea “White Tea” + AbloomTealini “White Tea”

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PRICE : 144.00€

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The pack of 36 AbloomTealini White Tea contains: 36 AbloomTealini balls in 4 variations (net weight approx. 180g), individually sealed in foil.
The pack of 36 AbloomTea White Tea contains: 36 AbloomTea balls in 6 variations (net weight approx. 250g), individually sealed in foil.
Fascination “AbloomTea”

The AbloomTea from Creano offers the connoisseur an
Extraordinary experience: Inside the sphere is the
an artfully integrated exotic flower. Your secret
but the ball unfolds only when it is placed in a container with boiling
is given to hot water. It begins to open slowly.
and at the end of the infusion production brings the embedded
blossom out, the rich in form and colourful from her

The preparation

Step 1: Approx.
Bring 500ml of water to the boil and put into a glass jug immediately.
…and I’ll give you a little more. Please note: In contrast to the green tea preparation
here is the use of boiling hot water
necessary in order to achieve an optimal opening of the AbloomTea balls.
to ensure the safety of our people.

Step 2: AbloomTea ball
carefully into the water and marvel…

Step 3: Please
observe the recommended minimum drawing time. This
high-quality black tea can be brewed for long periods without

The content:
36 Creano AbloomTea balls white tea, individually vacuum welded

The ingredients:

White tea (min. 95%), peony flowers (1-5%),
Marigold, Rose (Damascena, Jasmine, Rose (Centifolia))

AbloomTea contains tea. Store in a cool and dry place

The varieties AbloomTealini:

Jasmine Heaven (White Tea with
jasmine blossoms & jasmine aroma)
Peach Pearl (White tea with rose flowers)
(Damascena), Jasmine & Peach Flavor)
Vanilla Shine (White tea with calendula)
& vanilla flavor)
Lemon Pearl (White tea with rose blossoms)
(Centifolia), jasmine & citrus flavor)

The ingredients:
White tea (min. 95%), flowers (1-5%) of rose (Damascena), marigold,
rose (centifolia), jasmine, aroma (peach, vanilla, jasmine, lemon)