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We see ourselves less as classical problem solvers of everyday articles. Rather, it is our passion to create products that manage to surprise you. To elicit a smile from you or the recipient. Because it was not expected that a tea infusion can be as exciting as that of our AbloomTea. The recipient could not have guessed that the tea tastes fantastic and looks so enchanting in the small pot. Because he had never seen an AbloomTea himself before.

Or the childlike joy when you get your hands on one of our touchOn!glasses for the first time and it begins to glow as if by magic.

Experience that a Thermo-Teamaker is so much more than an ordinary "tea maker".

We get all this positive feedback and anecdotes every day. Thank you, because that is exactly what drives us to continue to create products for you that will give you so much pleasure.

And just as important for us are your suggestions for possible improvements. Because they flow directly into our product development. Your satisfaction is not enough for us, to inspire you is our claim!

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